THE POWER OF LOVE – A Mother’s miraculous journey from grief to Medium, Channel and Teacher

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THE POWER OF LOVE – A Mother’s miraculous journey from grief to Medium, Channel and Teacher


Suddenly faced with the death of her eldest twin daughter, Heather plummets into a heart-wrenching grief that has her questioning her own existence. Looking for answers, Heather turns for help to the unseen world of Spirit.

Through meditation, Heather opens the door and starts to receive visions from her daughter, ancestors, spirit guides, and Jesus. Astonished and overcome with joy, Heather realizes that death is but a transition, her daughter is alive, and our true Home is not here.  

Heather expands her communication with Spirit, and with her daughter, developing her own psychic and mediumistic abilities; experiencing first hand that communication with Spirit can be a skill learned. Through raw and honest accounts of her healing journey, Heather shares concrete ways for others to open up their own connection to Spirit.

This book is not about grief. It is a living testimony to the triumph over loss through the strongest power in the Universe, Love.



Certainly a book that will help many people, this title takes us bravely through the grief of losing a child. The author shows great strength and wisdom in inviting the reader into her tragedy, and creates great balance between describing the loss of her child and leading into the ‘how to heal’ section. We’re not rushed through the emotionally wrought loss, nor do we stay there too long with an indulgence of emotion, the common danger of trying to squeeze emotion out of the reader. The author avoids this error in a wonderful way. We’re immersed in the grief, so as to connect to our own, and gently led onward. Well done.
The author’s journey through spiritual healing, beginning relatably with meditation and progressing into channeling and medium experiences is well-paced, again without rush. We get a good sense of her explorations and her own experiences, and wisdom here is shared relatably and kindly with the reader. We observe the author’s travels through the metaphysical and spiritual, and glean inspiration in it.
Pace is gentle and natural, and the author shows a tremendous amount of familiarity with her subject matter. She feels like a helpful soul we’ve met in grief counseling, with whom we connect and look forward to seeing again. ~ Writer’s Digest.

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