Heather Scavetta, RN

I am a Spiritual Teacher, Channel to the Pre-birth Council, Jesus, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones. Meditation, Mediumship, Channeling and Spirit Communication is my expertise.

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Services I Provide

I can help you in these areas.

1:1 Coaching

One Hour Sessions

We start where you are with your spiritual abilities and move forward from there.

Online Coaching

5-Session Package

Schedule these private sessions with your availability.

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Life and Spirit Guide Readings

One hour or ½ hour

Ask questions about your life or receive messages from a spirit guide

Channeled Readings by Heather

Hear directly from your spirit team through Heather who speaks their words to help guide you.

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Private Classes

Channeling, Meditation, Spirit Communication, Mediumship, Akashic Records

Learn a new spiritual skill or master a current one.


Build the foundation of accurate spirit communication for yourself and others. Learn techniques that work.

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After Care Support

Hello, nice to meet you!

I teach spiritual seekers to open and expand their connection to spirit.

⭐️It is my purpose and passion to teach others.

⭐️I opened my gifts after the passing of my daughter. I did not have previous abilities to connect. My daughter taught me how to communicate with the spirit world and continues to help me learn daily.  Everything I’ve learned from Elizabeth and my guides I share with others. Your success is my success! Let’s take the journey together and let me show you how to bring multi-dimensional connection into your world by accessing the wisdom from the other side. How they work with you will show you who you are. When you know who you are, everything falls into place.

Heather Scavetta, RN

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Happy People

Read what my clients say about me.
Thank you Heather Scavetta for these powerful reminders of who I AM. Your channeled words have cleared my path!
Valerie K.
Spiritual Seeker
prottoy-hassan-283028-unsplash (Large)
You have through gentle support helped many to develop their inner knowing into something that they grow to recognize. I am one of those individuals. Had I not entered your circle back in 2012 I would not be where I am today. So I would like to thank you for all that you are and all that you have done and continue to do. May your journey continue to be inspiring and joy filled. The world is lucky to have a teacher like you that continues to open doors one person at a time.
B. H.
Channel & Healer
Thank you thank you thank you, for your Life Reading. It was very comforting and beautiful and I feel absolutely astounded that Jesus showed up for me. You have an amazing gift and thank you so much for sharing it with me Heather.
Spiritual Seeker
I absolutely loved my reading you channeled from The Pre-birth Council so beneficial for me and on so many levels moved me. I am now able to let go of all anxiety around the future journey and build my foundation. Thank you. I would love a reading from my spirit guides as well. Much love and gratitude.
Spiritual Seeker
I’ve been meaning to message you since last Sunday. Thank you very much for my reading. I’m still amazed. Everything was just so true, that’s not even the word I’m looking to use, it just resonates so much. I’m grateful for everything, including the talk afterwards. I am also very thankful for transcribing it. I’ve printed it out so that I can read it when I need to! Thank you once again! I’ll be checking the workshops/practices that you’re offering soon…I hope to attend!
Spiritual Seeker
May 6/18
Thank YOU for yesterday’s reading. I was completely unprepared to come so unglued. You were recommended to me by a friend who suggested I contact you; I am not grieving nor was I in dire “need” of a reading, so I wasn’t prepared to be so moved by the experience. You immediately got right to the heart of the subject, right to the knot of doubt that lingers in and around the edges of my soul, without any preamble, or “niceties” as it were. It completely threw me for a loop! Wow. The tears started coming and just would – not – stop You are truly blessed and gifted, which of course means the rest of us are for having met you! 🙂 I hope I may call on you again in the future. But in the meantime, I have a lot to digest! With love,
Spiritual Seeker
April 28/18
I see all the beautiful and important work you have been doing and it has truly touched my heart. Your channelling of Jesus’s messages are amazing, wonderful, inspiring, and most important, life messages for us all! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I also re-listened to my Life Reading I had with you in 2011 and it’s as if I heard it for the first time. The messages given to me by my council, were very important life guidances for my life, that I had been desperately seeking. They now make perfect sense to me and was one hundred percent accurate. I am so grateful to you, I cannot even express in plain english, the words of gratitude that I can use, they are not accurate enough to describe how GRATEFUL I am to you for your gift from God that you have received!!! With so much gratitude and love for you, Tony, Cassandra and, it goes without saying, Elizabeth.
Spiritual Seeker
April 21/17
Hello Heather! I’m reading your book right now and besides being so touched by your words, you have helped me to understand what is taking place during meditation. I have the scalp tingling, the feeling of being touched, and the hair movement. Feeling energy makes sense to me! Thank you! Also, I have been listening to your podcasts, they are so helpful! You are a great teacher!
Spiritual Seeker
Jan. 4/17
Heather Scavetta is an excellent teaching medium in the Caledon/Orangeville area and I highly recommend her should you be interested in developing your intuitive skills.
Spiritual Seeker
Dec. 11/16
I just wanted to send you a thank you for your show. I just started listening to it on 7th Wave Radio (now on Youtube) and going through all of your episodes. I have been listening to many different shows on there, yours is by far the best one! I too, lost my daughter 2 years ago and have started on my spiritual path. I appreciate you explaining how it all went for you. I see the sparks of light a lot and doing meditation. It was your show that explains maybe what to expect, really really helps! Again, thank you so much for sharing your gift! I am looking forward to opening up more and more to my special gifts.
Nikki R.
Podcast Listener
Dec. 2/15
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Coming November 15, 2025

Cruising with Spirit 2025

Heather is leading workshops in mediumship, channeling, guided meditations, channeling messages, giving private readings* and more.

Hey there! We would be so excited to have you join us for this retreat. It’s going to be a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and discovery, and we truly believe that the experiences you have here will stay with you forever. Not only that, but you’ll have the chance to make some amazing new friends. We can’t wait to see all the personal revelations and interactions with spirit that will unfold during your time here. I hope you’ll  journey with us! 


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