COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR SPIRIT TEAM: Receive messages and expand your abilities

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About Course

Are you ready to open up your spiritual senses and connect with the spirit world? Our course is here to help you do just that! With Heather’s expert guidance, you’ll go beyond just looking for signs and learn to communicate with the spirit world like a psychic or medium. Whether you want to connect with deceased loved ones, angels, ascended masters, animals, or even your own soul, we’ll teach you how to be in a state of listening so you never miss another message. It’s easier than you think – everyone can learn to communicate with spirit. Join us today and start your journey to a deeper spiritual connection.

You will:

  • Differentiate between your own thoughts and the thoughts of spirit.
  • Receive a basic dictionary of colour, animal, symbols, and their meanings.
  • Build your personal dictionary of meanings by interpreting messages you receive from spirit.
  • Learn how to receive spirit messages in the form of thoughts, pictures, colours, feelings, hearing, smell. Learn your strengths and develop the rest.
  • Receive messages for yourself and others. Learn shortcuts to success.
  • Meditate and use Heather’s guided meditations to establish a foundation of working in a relaxed and soft-focused way.
  • Receive Heather’s guided meditations to access anytime you wish for future use.
  • Learn practical ways to incorporate spirit communication into your everyday life.
  • Differentiate between guides and loved ones and how they present to you in the way of colour, feelings, and more.

Once you learn how you receive messages from Spirit and are comfortable interpreting these messages, you may wish to learn mediumship (messages from deceased loved ones) and/or learn to channel messages from higher beings of light. This instruction is also offered as One-to-One instruction.  Meditation and learning how your spirit team communicates with you is the foundation of spiritual work. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student there is always something new to learn.

Where: Attend by Zoom Live Video Conferencing

Equipment: Computer, tablet, or phone with free zoom app

Pre-requisite: none

Investment: $295 for 5 weeks

Enrol: Send email

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to receive and interpret messages from spirit for yourself.
  • How to give spiritual messages to others.
  • How to apply spiritual communication into your life.
  • How to meditate and structure a practice.
  • Why is intent important?