MEDITATION: Learn and practice

Do you struggle to calm your mind and hold focus? Our meditation course is here to help! With Heather’s guidance, you’ll learn how to be still, relax, and let go of the chaos of the world around you. Meditation brings healing as you join in the universal field of love and connection. As you learn to let go of trying to control and trust instead, you enter the spiritual field of loved ones and spirit helpers. The more you practice withdrawing from the physical world, you’ll sense your spiritual gifts start to emerge. Meditation is the foundation of all spiritual work and is a necessary state as you learn more advanced techniques of spirit communication. Free downloadable guided meditations channel by Heather will be given to you each week to practice. Discussions on any challenges with meditating or help with interpretation of experiences will be addressed.

Pre-requisite: none

Commitment: 5 weeks

Investment: $295