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Listen to Heather talk about the spiritual path and communication with the spirit world. Previous episodes (before October 2022) were on Voice America Radio Show and educated thousands around the world, spiritual principles and skills anyone can learn. Topics such as: Mediumship, Channeling, Healing, Meditation, Intuition and more are discussed. Learn first hand that your loved ones are still with you. Can you hear them? Can you see them? With my tips and proven success formula, you will! Would you like to become a teacher? I offer my tips on how to successfully teach others how to open up their spiritual gifts. At School of Miracles, my focus is to avoid spiritual “jargon” and to keep it simple. Everyone can communicate with their spirit team.

Previous episodes can be accessed here:

Canada Day 2022 Message

Getting Started Communicating With Your Spirit Team.

Thoughts and the Ego Mind: Starting Your Meditation Practice, The 3 Components of Prayer, How to Visualize, and Recognizing your Soul’s Thoughts.

Clairvoyance: Clear Seeing — How you can open up your spiritual sight.

Clairsentience: Feeling Spirit.

Clairaudience: Hearing Spirit.

Your Spirit Team – Who they are and how you can get to know them

Mastering Mediumship

Channeling Spirit: Learn to channel higher wisdom, guidance, and love for yourself and others.

Psychic Development: How you can read energy.

Energy Healing: How you can be the channel for God’s healing energy.

The Foundation of Spiritual Work.

Visions, Spirituality, Religion and Jesus.

Learn to Be a Medium: Connecting to your loved ones in Spirit.

Welcome! We have moved from VoiceAmerica.

Alternate Realities.

Animal Totems.

Cardinal from Spirit.

Keeping the Faith: Dreams Do Come True!

December: A Month to Celebrate!

The Spiritual Path After Loss

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