Thoughts and the Ego Mind, Starting Your Meditation Practice, The 3 Components of Prayer, How to Visualize, and Recognizing Your Soul’s Thoughts.

Originally aired August 5, 2015

Hosted by Heather Scavetta, R.N.

Episode Description: 

In this episode, we will expand on the previous show and talk about Meditation and how to set up your own practice. Tips will be given on success with calming your body and mind and what to expect. Prayer and intention is an important component as we call in the world of Spirit to receive their guidance and support. Learn the 3 components of prayer. We will talk in-depth about Thoughts – that not all thoughts are yours. Receiving thoughts in meditation does not mean you aren’t meditating. Spirit uses thoughts to give us messages. Visualization is another way Spirit gives us information. I’ll walk you through a visualize exercise. Before I close the show, I’ll be answering a email question from a listener. Enjoy!

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