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The following is an email I received from a lovely lady (that received an international reading which was done over the computer),  who has a great sense of humour – so important, as life can get quite serious:  Good morning, Heather. Thank YOU for yesterday’s reading.  I was completely unprepared to come so unglued.  You were recommended to me by a friend who suggested I contact you; I am not grieving nor was I in dire “need” of a reading, so I wasn’t prepared to be so moved by the experience.  You immediately got right to the heart of the subject, right to the knot of doubt that lingers in and around the edges of my soul, without any preamble, or “niceties” as it were.  It completely threw me for a loop!  Wow.  The tears started coming and just would – not – stop!  A little embarrassing.  Well, not too bad, until I was asked if I had any questions.  I’m sitting here having a conversation with my angels, and they ask if I have questions, and all I could think of was………duh……So I made up something ridiculous.  (Well I didn’t NOT want to ask something!). Honestly, it’s amazing I’ve made it this far in life, it really is. Thank you, too, for typing up the transcript of the reading.  That will be printed out and read many times, I have no doubt.  You are truly blessed and gifted, which of course means the rest of us are for having met you!  🙂 I hope I may call on you again in the future.  But in the meantime, I have a lot to digest!
With love, M.H.
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