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The Swing CD

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Product Description

Hard CD version to be mailed to you. Price including postage: Domestic $20; International $30. Discount given for bulk orders. Please etransfer to info@schoolofmiracles to purchase CD.

Heather’s voice and beautiful music combine to provide the listener an optimal environment for spiritual development and to learn how your loved ones and spirit guides are connecting to you.

The Swing-total time 52:09 – Physical Product

1. Preparation for meditation
2. Opening to spirit
3. Expanding your light
4. Balancing the chakras
5. To the swing
6. Going home

“In this guided meditation for spiritual development and connection to loved ones and spirit guides, Heather and Tony Scavetta are doing important work around bereavement after losing their beautiful daughter Elizabeth. During workshops at their School of Miracles, Elizabeth is regularly seen helping attendees learn to see, feel, hear and know spirit. Heather carves a wondrous psychic path to peace and helps us connect to the higher realms” Lisa Watson, In The Hills Magazine.

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