Mediumship Reading with Tony Scavetta

Tony bench iphoneMediumship Reading with Tony Scavetta.

“Losing a loved one leaves us longing for the connection we had. Losing a child, leaves most parents frozen in time.

It is with this background, that I discovered mediumship. I had a burning desire to know that my daughter was safe and okay, and that led me to seek out mediums. It was at one such reading that propelled me down the road to becoming my own medium. Keeping the connection with my daughter, Elizabeth, was paramount for me. Once I had the connection, my feelings of wanting to share this knowledge took over. I needed to tell everyone in my position — those who have lost loved ones — that this is real. They are still alive and we can still have the connection with them.

If you are frozen in time or longing for a connection to your loved one, come and share some time with me. At the end of our session you will feel better about your situation and how your loved ones are. When you book a reading with me, there is no rush — no assembly line — my time is for you. Please allow two hours to sit with me. I will be bringing through messages for the first hour and the second hour is time allowed for you to ask questions about the grieving process and how, you too, can increase your connection to your loved ones.” ~ Tony.

**Tony is currently not taking new clients. If you are a past client, please let us know that you want to book a reading by email.


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