Mastering Mediumship

Originally aired September 9, 2015

Hosted by Heather Scavetta, R.N. 

Episode Description:

Mediumship can be considered anytime you are a bridge from the spirit world to this physical reality. I define Mediumship as receiving messages from loved ones in spirit. Mastering Mediumship is about receiving messages and delivering them to their loved ones here. Anyone can be a medium. It is a skill that can be developed. At School of Miracles, I, with the help of my Spirit Team, have developed an approach to mediumship that is highly successful. Many people who have come to the classes are now practicing Mediums. You can do this too! I didn’t have the ability before the death of my daughter. Now I can see, hear, and feel her, and other loved ones in Spirit. Hearing from loved ones is extremely healing. I believe it is the catalyst to heal grief. Learn a foundation that will help you focus and teach spirit how you work. In time, it will become as natural as breathing! Join me to learn tips and to discover your natural mediumistic abilities!

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