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Heather channels The Pre-Birth Council. This group of Elders, Masters, and Higher Light Beings, work at your soul level. Heather blends her energy with The Council to bring forth their words of guidance and encouragement that can help you take that next step forward on your spiritual path. These beings of light helped you with your pre-birth plan and bring their expertise to help guide your soul to its different growth experiences. There will be an opportunity to ask The Council three questions of your own choosing.

The following is a channeled response from The Council in answering who they are:

We are those who come to serve. Our service to mankind comes at a pivotal moment in the history of the world. We come to show you the truth about who you are — to be able to reflect that knowledge back to you. This is necessary because so many have forgotten where they come from and what they are made of. We can show you the way to the truth, to the light, to Unity of all. Our Council comes to those who seek. Our Council is to uplift, to share, to include, no one is turned away. Everyone is welcome. Even the lowliest among you have purpose and we see God’s reflection in each living creature, but our alliance is to you — to those who are struggling, who are searching, who have questions, who need guidance, reassurance and support. We are the energies that you turn to you when you query about your life, about your existence, about why, about the purpose, and how you can navigate the terrain.

We also include loved ones as they often come forward and wish to participate in this venture. They too take on many qualities that we have — of providing a way to encourage and support those on their journey forward.

The Council is a group of Masters and those who have come before you who are able to understand the pathway of the soul. They carry much wisdom and knowledge and understand the workings of the heart also, for this is of the essence now — to be able to navigate one’s life through the pathway of the heart. The heart knows, the heart cares, the heart shows you where to go and how to be. This venue of the heart, is something that has been present always, but many have failed to recognize the wisdom that is held there, and we are here to show this truth — that the heart guidance system is one that can be relied upon.

The Elders are also a part of this group that we are, for they know a way that is different. Each group within the group brings with them their unique abilities and talents and we are stronger together. The Elders know a way that have been transversed through time and space. They show each person a way to understand life, for they themselves know this. Some of us are aware of this earthy life, but have not as yet participated in it, so you see, it takes many to come together, to be able to give a well-rounded support system for those on a path to righteousness (right-minded perspective).

(Bracketed comment is for clarity.)

One Hour $85.00 includes recording of reading. 

Email or text 416-948-5753 to book.

Readings are available using Zoom online video conferencing. This is free for you.

Find out more about The Council – Transcriptions of readings are available on my blog.

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