Heather Scavetta, RN

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Heather Scavetta, RN, Author, Reiki Master, Medium, Channel, Teacher, Voice America Host for School of Miracles Radio, and founder of School of Miracles. 

Canada’s trusted Spiritual Teacher for over a 16 years  —

                       Showing you the way to your intimate connection with Spirit.    

Heather Scavetta, R.N., began teaching spirituality and helping people open their spiritual gifts since the sudden passing of her elder, teenage, twin daughter in 2004. This traumatic loss compelled Heather to reach out to God for help, which led to years of receiving daily visions of the afterlife. Through communication with her daughter, Heather came to realize that no one really dies; they just change form. By taking the communication skills that her daughter shared with her, Heather strengthened her spiritual abilities and offered classes so that she could share her knowledge with others, thereby helping them to open their spiritual gifts.

Heather is the author of the well-received memoir, The Power of Love: A Mother’s Miraculous Journey from Grief to Medium, Channel, and Teacher. This inspiring book has helped many to heal their grief, develop their spiritual gifts, and learn how to communicate with their loved ones in spirit.
Since 2009, Heather has channeled the Pre-Birth Council of Elders and Ascended Masters. This Council helps to plan lives with souls before physical incarnation. Heather speaks their words of guidance in readings so that others can understand their own spiritual paths. Her channeling ability has progressed, and her deeply held dream was realized when she started to channel Jesus. Through visions and direct communication with Jesus, Heather realized that she was destined to work with Him. In her new book, The Way of the Heart: Accessing your heart’s guidance system, Heather conveys His message for humanity, which is to live a heart-centred life of truth and authenticity.

Heather is the founder of the International School of Miracles where many come to learn how to open up their spiritual gifts of mediumship, healing, channeling, spirit communication, and meditation. Heather is also the host of School of Miracles Radio on Voice America, where she brings her tutorial sessions and uplifting accounts of spirit connection to a broader audience. 

Heather is available for private events, speaking opportunities, and funeral celebrant speeches. Channeled Readings from your Spirit Guides and your Pre-Birth Council available online through Zoom.

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