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New Year’s Message for 2020

Through Heather Scavetta
December 31st, 2019


The sun follows an orbit of its own. It knows where it is going and how it will get there. You can know too by following the path that is set before you. You are able to see the path coming by allowing the steps to be shown. There are many who cannot see their path because they have turned away from it. They are unable to see the steps because they choose to look away. You are able to see the steps that you are to take when your eyes are open, your heart is open, your mind is open. Do not be closed to what is coming, but can you be open to what is ahead?

Too many only want to see what they are able to see and will choose different ways to perceive what is coming towards them. If you are able to open yourself to every possibility, you will see not only the path that is coming for you, but you will be able to see the path differently. Perception is key but an open mind, an open heart, is what you truly need. Focus this year on being open, broaden your mind, accept opportunities to expand yourself. Try not to keep your focus too narrow for there is much that is available to you now.

You will see those around you with a closed mind and they will remind you of what a narrow focus looks like. And so too, there will be those around you who are able to open their mind, open their heart. You will be able to feel their energy as expansive, far reaching, full of potential.

Right away can you notice the difference between the two. One feels alive. One feels closed. Engage yourself in life this year. Be open to possibilities and expand what you think is possible for yourself and others. Can you be the one who can bring the energy of expansion to those around you? Can you be the mentor? Can you be the vision? Allow people to be where they are and do not feel it is your role to change their minds, but be instead the example of what is possible and they will choose to be inspired by you or not. Be the inspiration for others. You can only be their inspiration when one is truthful with oneself. It does not need a facade. You can let go of any mask and let the true self be revealed to others more often. Be honest, be real, and lean on your integrity more often. Let’s join together in our common vision of the future — a place and time where each person is able to expand themselves and come to know the presence which is Christ within them. An open mind will find Him there. An open heart will find Him there. Choose awareness. Choose love. Choose acceptance of self and you will be able to see your path more clearly. Be open.

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Through Heather Scavetta
December 17th, 2019

Accept where you are now by aligning yourself with energies that lift you up always. You need not be the one who always sacrifices yourself for others even though that would make you feel like you are contributing to humanity by doing that. You can best serve humanity by allowing yourself to shine.

Bring in all the good energies you can so that you can fill yourself up with goodness, with joy, with kindness, with purpose. This is how you can best serve those around you. Fill yourself up with all the good things, with all the little things, and dream about the big things. Let it all come to you. Allow yourself to be the receptacle for goodness.

You are able to carry it because you have prepared for it. You have already let go of so much. Can you now focus on bringing in more, allowing more in? Letting go of the reservations and instead allow the energies to come, to sit with you, breath them in. Allow the energies to shift and change within you, for they are helping as only goodness can. Be prepared of self so that you are strong for the next wave of the journey. Take time now to fill yourself up with goodness so that when the struggles come, you have reserves. If you are always depleted than there is little reserve, not only for you, but for others, and so fill yourself up. Learn what is good for you and do that more often. Learn about people that you want around you and spend more time with them. This is the season of getting together with friends and family and those who love and care for you. Take the time to reach out to others and tell them what they mean to you. Let them know. Let them fill up with your goodness.

We are here for your goodness. We can show you more about that. You can invite us in and we will show you what goodness feels like, looks like, so that when goodness comes you will recognize it and not be leery. Be confident that you have what another may need, especially now in the season of love and celebration, and know that as you move into the new year there will be more opportunities and goodness. Trust. Accept that you are worthy of goodness and it will be yours.

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Jesus – Gentle are the ones.

For the Channeling Development Class
Through Heather Scavetta
November 26, 2019

Gentle are the ones who understand another. Gentle in spirit, gentle in the words they speak —  to be able to understand another’s feelings — to be able to hear what one is saying, to be able to feel their presence and where they are coming from within.

You are here to understand all these concepts by giving our words to another through yourselves so that not only they can come to understand, but you will too, through the process of hearing the words being spoken, of feeling the energy that it brings, of being witness to the mind-altering heart-opening information.

You are here to be my voice. You are here to be my heart. You are here to be my hands. I am with you. Hear me speak through the channel of love. Feel my presence with you now and trust the process of life that you have been given a heart to feel. You have been given words to speak to another so that you can feel the connection from one to another but also our connection to all that is. 

Remember your Self, here, now, is to bring peace and love to those who seek it, not to struggle with the ego, but to give of one’s true Self to another so that they can witness love, here, now, and what it can bring, what it can do, how it can be — rich, full, alive. It is love that we seek the most because we know it is the one thing that can bring us true happiness, not only to recognize the love that we carry, but that other’s carry too.

It is One Love. One. 

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