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The Great Pandemic

Through Heather Scavetta
May 5, 2020

We cannot contain the light that is us. It is available to everyone who can see it and even those who cannot see what they are looking straight at. The vibration of love is present for them and that they can feel. The energy that we bring is one of healing to those who are in need of it. We bring healing because that is what love does — it heals, it wipes the slate clean.

You can be wiped clean of anything that is holding you back, or holding you down. You can be released from the past. You can forge a new way of being. We are accepting of everyone who has a heart that is pure — a heart that is willing to learn about growth, but also about themselves in a deeper way. You will be faced with yourself, over and over, during this process as so it should be. For no matter where you are in this world, your soul is learning and growing and living a life that is bigger than you can understand at this point in time, but soon you will come to a new understanding, a new way of viewing your role here during this time of the pandemic. 

This will be known as the great pandemic of this century because it carries with it not only an opportunity for ones to heal of themselves, let go of the past in order to heal, you must release what has carried you down so far for we are forging a new way of being in this world. A way of being in unity for we will come to understand at a deeper level that we cannot exist without each other. Those who are willing to lay down their lives in this learning process, should be applauded for the courage that it took to come, to be the ones who will not be here to see the end, but will witness from afar the growth of humanity during this time and what a beautiful time it is for it is ripe in possibilities of healing, of love, of unification.

Each individual plays their part during this time.

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Allow the Abundance

Through Heather Scavetta
May 19, 2020

Resolve to be the one who can bring your uniqueness forward into the world. Be able to express yourself fully in each endeavour that you take on. Do not wait for a special time and date for this to happen, for it can happen now if you allow it to be so. Each one of us is struggling to understand ourselves, always. There are times when we see glimpses of ourselves and we are pleased at what we see, and, then, there are other times it remains hidden to us once again.

We can take the challenge to look deeper within ourself to seek out those parts of us that remain hidden, so that we can bring forth the truth of our being. These little spaces that we hold for growth can remain unfilled until that day when we allow the forces of nature to come forth and bring to us everything that we need to fulfill any emptiness, any potentials left undone.

Can you, moving forward, allow the abundance to come into you fully? To not resist love? To not resist guidance? To not resist understanding knowledge? Can you accept all that is being offered to you now? Without you censoring it, saying, “No, not now. I am not ready to take that on.” It would not present to you if you are were not ready. And so, moving forward, can you learn to bring in this abundance that is always there for you without reservation of self? 

Let it come. Let it fill you. Let it fill the voids as it does so beautifully. We are all in this together, you and I, and we can forge a new way of being in the world — a way that brings forth truth, joy, justice. There is a better way. There is the only way, if we are to fulfill our potential in this timeline of self knowledge. Bring it forth by your intent to be the one who can bring it forth. You are the one we are waiting for, for without you, how does the birds sing? How does the bird fly? How does the bird sleep? It is because of you — YOUR love, YOUR being. Let’s celebrate the truth as we forge ahead together and know that each one of us plays an important part here.

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Heart First

Through Heather Scavetta
May 26, 2020

Time stands still when we are in the presence of love. We are all connected through the portal of our heart. We strive and seek and learn and grow and, yet, there is a commonality between all of us that we are connected as one through the portal of the heart.

It is the heart that speaks truth through you. You may hear the voice and, yet, can your voice be speaking for the heart itself? Without the heart, you are nothing. With the heart you are everything. Let the heart take centre stage in your life and know that when the heart comes first so do we and so does everyone else operating as one heart. And so, in life’s comings and going there is the heart, let it be your guide.

We can move quickly through the heart when it is open and ready. Allow your heart to open so that we may quickly come to you and you will know our presence because love is there. We recognize each other as beings of love. Never are you apart from love but can you move closer to your Source? And in that way, you will come to understand our truth speaking through the heart itself. Allow our presence more often and you will feel your heart expand to accept our energy of love. Sit with us more often and you sit with love.

It is the heart that will lead you in the right direction and leave the mind to do what it needs to do, but remember your Source. Remember your heart first and let the mind be its servant, and together, they will lead you to where you need to be. Heart first, mind will follow — always in everything you do. Heart first. Love first. Truth always present.

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