Heather, Ripley, Sophia, Cassandra, Tony, Arya
Heather, Ripley, Sophia, Cassandra, Tony, Arya

International School of Miracles is the premier Spiritual School located in Caledon, Ontario, Canada. We are a virtual school of mediumship, channeling, psychic development, and meditation to assist you on your spiritual journey.

Founded by Tony and Heather Scavetta in 2007, School of Miracles has consistently been the spiritual school of choice for those interested in meditation, mediumship, channelling, spirit communication, self-development and healing. What makes this school unique, is the intimate approach Heather offers when sharing what is most sacred to her — her own experiences with Spirit and what her daughter taught her from the spirit world.

Heather opened her gifts of healing, mediumship, and channelling, and freely gives her methods for success to all those who seek. Having no previous ability before the passing of her daughter, she proves anyone can develop their spiritual skills. Many graduates of the school have gone on to become teachers, mediums, and healers. Read testimonials here.

Heather offers private Life Readings which are channelled messages from your Pre-Birth Council. Heather also gives channeled readings from Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Jesus, and messages from your loved ones. For 15 years, School of Miracles offered in person classes which have now transitioned to online. Heather offers One-to-One mentoring through private online classes. These mentoring sessions can cover all the information previously offered in person included counselling and all course material to help those on their spiritual journeys move forward with understanding and success.

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